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Grade 10 002 (UK 12")
Loosewomen: Nobody

Chilled UK House drifters w/ uptempo bonus version

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Grade 10 003 (UK 12")
Prayer: Beneath EP

Widely reverberating blend of ‘future’ UKG & Grime affine Electronics

Grade 10 004 (UK 12")
Unslaved: Punjab

Atmospheric swinging Ambient UKG & crisp, instrumental Grime excursions

Grade 10 005 (UK 12")
Forever: Coarse

Leftfield Ambient UKG drifters w/ main floor aimed Mr. G version

Grade 10 007 (UK LP)
Kollaps: Duprass

Deep blue Ambient centered ‘future’ UKG drifters

Grade 10 010 (UK 12")
Prayer: Goodbye EP

Full range UK Bass EP covering cinematic ‘weightless’ Grime to retro Ambient Jungle

Burial: Claustro

Stunning, idiosyncratically filtered echoes of bitter sweet UKG

You’re Me: Plant Cell Division

Stunningly fresh sounding, richly imaginative, pure Ambient album

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Xhin: Vision Electrified

Full range EP from modern, stepping, noise laden Techno to crisp, classic IDM

Undersound RX (UK 10")
Binh: Untitled

Swinging, effective, focused Tech House / House DJ weapons

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Firescope 017 (UK EP)
Russ Gabriel: The Controller

Classy, perfectly executed, focused & Detroit school rooted universal House / Techno set

Soma 526 (UK 12")
Tensal: Graphical Remixes

Excellent atmospheric Techno remix package incl. Pessimist bomb

Kyriakos Sfetsas: Greek Fusion Orchestra VOL.1

Unearthed Jazz / Greek Folk fusion music represented in usual high TB standards

Index 004 (UK 12")
Breakage: Liff Up

Ace, reduced Drum & Bass rollers

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Diagonal 053 (UK LP)
Viviankrist: Cross Modulation

Wild Industrial / Noise Electronics in explorer mode w/ ties to classic Punk / New Wave heritage

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Mood J: Looking Further, Looking Forward

Driving, US Deep House schooled, drumming & Disco relying late night DJ tool House