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Bedouin 006 (UK 12")
Imaginary Forces: Shift Work

Heavily distorted, Industrial Techno & Noise affine leftfield Electronics

12" out of stock

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COD3 QR 001 (UK 12")
Various Artists: COD3 QR 001
Ryan James Ford: Ormst Kaban

Bridging early 1990s & current IDM-Techno dedicated EP

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Jiaolong 023 (UK 12")
Daphni: Sizzling EP

Expertly driving Disco House bangers

Juan Atkins: Dimensions

Reissuing classic mid 1990s Detroit Techno

Likemind 05 (UK 12")
Holovr: Likemind 05

Renaissance of a legendary mid 1990 UK Ambient Techno project in full swing

Pennyroyal 008 (UK 12")
Zeki: Pennyroyal 008

Powerful, sub focused, universal Grime / stepping Techno hybrids

12" out of stock

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Scalameriya: Enhance...Stop!

Noisy, distorted, hard hitting & explorative Texhno / Techno Grime hybrids; one-sided vinyl

David Hanke: Der Kugelkreis

Puristic Drone / Ambient wrapped leftfield House groover

Abyss 001 (UK 12")
Various Artists: Envisioned Disorder
12" out of stock

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COD3 QR 004 (UK 12")
Various Artists: COD3 QR 004

Diverse set of minimalist Tech House, reduced Electro & Techno w/ IDM bonus cut on top

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Hemlock 030 (UK 12")
Hodge: Swing For The Fences

Burning hot Hodge delivers pure Techno class - Highly Recommended!

Faugust: Parallel Rave Fantasies

Superb Sigha prod. creatures shapeshifting between Techno, IDM & designer Electronics - Tip!

Perc Trax 077 (UK 12")
Perc: Bitter Music Remixed EP 2

Straight forward, driving Techno remix package