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A free-styling take on sparse Grime, minimalist, leftfield Techno & warm Electronica jams

Hot Haus 025 (UK 12")
DJ Octopus: Wet Coast EP

Bouncy, effective 1990s House / Disco House leaning DJ tool EP

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Keysound 063 (UK 12")
Terror Danjah: Juicy Patty (feat. Jamakabi)
Rekids 091 (UK 12")
DJ Spider: Ninja Drive-By EP

Boomy, subtly dubbed out, minimalist Techno trips

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Tempa 109 (UK 12")
Markee Ledge: Underground Railroad

Superb, stripped down, Techno, UKG & Grime compatible DJ tool rhythm cuts

Legowelt: Immensity of Cosmic Space

Crafty, early 1990s inspired, diverse House/Techno EP

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Phoenix G 054 (UK 12")
Mr. G: Conectionz EP
Nonplus 032 (UK 12")
Inland: Wayfinder

Boomy big room DJ tool Techno set

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Aus Music 1699 (UK 12")
Cassy: Back
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Reza & Gremlinz: Rain Giver

Chilled, epic Ambient Drum & Bass

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Blueprint R 02 (UK 12")
Oliver Ho: Awakening The Sentient

Proper in-ya-face Techno banger in a ’party-like-it’s-1999-stylee’

Heavy, expertly dubbed out, classy Drum & Bass rave EP

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Contort 003 (UK 7")
Kerridge: Sonic Instruments Of War
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Kerridge: Fatal Light Attraction

Outstanding rhythm textures in UK Industrial / Noise / Avant-Techno tradition

Fresh 86 142 (UK 12")
Response: Dekadenz

Golden era reminiscent, classy Drum & Bass

Fresh 86 152 (UK 12")
Response: Tension

Perfect techy Drum & Bass rollers