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Comatonse 026 EP 2 (UK Do EP)

Wonderful, extended, profound & iridescent House eclecticism - one copy per customer

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Almost Musique Concrète sound collages & rhythmically noise reminiscent Designer Grime

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Horo EX 019 (UK EP)
Kwartz: Body Sedation
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Spatial: Chronic

Twisted, beat science centered Designer-Grime / IDM hybrids

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Lost Palms 013 (UK 12")
Demuja: Soul Brother

Driving, lo-fi-esque DJ tool Tech House set

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Lost Palms 014 (UK 12")

Classic, minimalist to warm atmospheric DJ tool Tech House set

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Adryiano: Dreams With

Pumping, Disco vibes saturated DJ tool House set

UIQ 009 (UK EP)
Zuli: Numbers

Weightless Grime affiliated & leftfield Electronica akin mini album

Peter Darker: Choose Your Destiny

Aka Kid Lib prod. ace Jungle revivalism in rough, early 1990s style

Do 12" out of stock

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Auxiliary 014 (UK Do 12")
ASC: The Farthest Reaches EP

Epic, pulsatic, extended, perfectly crafted Ambient Techno EP

Exploring Jezebel: On A Business Trip To London
Do LP out of stock

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Raime: Tooth

Excellent, sparse, contemplative album bridging UK Bass, Indie-Rock & Industrial (w/ download code)

Blacklist 003 (UK Do EP)
Epoch: Badminded

Fine, chilled, original Dubstep related Downtempo / Electronica album