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A Sagittariun: Contortion

Flawless, stripped down, storming real Techno

A Sagittariun: Fahrenheit 451 EP

Dubbed out tripping, stripped down & direct Techno jams

Forward thinking UK Techno w/ echoes on UK Bleep & subtle stepping Bristolian Dub Tech vibes - Highly Recommended!

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Frisk: Peeking

Swinging, subs driven & dubbed out to jacking, Acid leaning House DJ weapons

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Pls.Uk GS 06 (UK Download only)

Hard stomping, abrasive Techno bangers

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User Experience 011 (UK Download only)
Rowka: Deconstruct EP

Heavy stomping & stepping, metallic Techno EP

Aleksandir: Trying Your Luck

Blend of Electronica wrapped, uplifting UK Tech House & subtle Electro vibes

A.Fruit: Nocturnal

Fresh Footwork / halfstepping Drum & Bass party starters

Idle Hands 059 (UK 12")
Strategy: Tropical Storm

Pulsating, subtly dubbed out Ambient Tech House / Techno excursions

Poly Kicks 010 (UK 12")
Joy O: 50 Locked Grooves by Joy O

An ultimate DJ weapon by a true master

12" out of stock

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Cimm: Godsmack

Heavy Dubstep deepness

12" out of stock

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Aus Music 143 (UK 12")
Detroit Swindle: Rhythm Girl Swing EP

Expertly bouncy & colorful House effectiveness

Yally: Burnt

Superbly sparse, bottom heavy, Raime prod. Grime rhythms on one-sided vinyl

154: Wherever You Go, I Will Follow

Idiosyncratic, fantastic, epic Ambient House bliss

12" out of stock

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Childsplay 003 (UK 12")
Polytunnel: Time 2 Time

Classic, warm atmospheric, partly Acid basslines themed Electro centered EP