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Skam 035 (UK 12")

James Ruskin & Mark Broom prod. ace IDM-Electro adventure

Droogs 004 (UK 12")
Holsten / Artilect: Carrier Wave / Echos

Excellent, dark, stealthy Drum & Bass killers

Surgeon: From Farthest Known Objects

Techno from the final frontier - on superior sounding beautiful black vinyl

Paradox: Too Dissimilar / Idiosyncrasies

Reissue of drumfunking Drum & Bass killers from 1999

Chavinski: In The City

Glistening UK Garage cuts

EP out of stock

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Apron 036 (UK EP)
My Girlfriend: Apron EP

‘in the red’ grooving House & Electro w/ Jazz & Funk trained synth-sphere

12" out of stock

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Quasar: Soundsystem Addict
12" out of stock

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Crucial 024 (UK 12")
3WA: Viagem / Encanto

Originalist Dubstep cuts

Firescope 003 (UK EP)
B12: An Eternal Flame

Classy, 1990s Ambient rooted, original, chilled Electronica EP

12" out of stock

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Heaviest distorted, mean Dubstep rhythms

Rashad And Spinn / R.P. Boo: Meet Tshetsha Boys And Shangaan Electro
DJ Sotofett: Dub Off

‘Three murderous steppers dubs’

Do LP out of stock

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Vladislav Delay Quartet: Vladislav Delay Quartet

Intense sessions on the edge of avant-jazz & noisy drone electronics w/ Derek Shirley, Lucio Capece, Mika Vainio & Vladislav Delay

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DJ Haram: Grace EP

Leftfield Grime adventure with sparse rhythm textures with Near Eastern tinged drumming & sound design