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Diagonal 041 (UK LP)
Powell: New Beta Vol.2

Freestyling blend of rhythms centred UK Post-Punk, New Wave & early 2000 IDM approaches

Diagonal 054 (UK LP)
Sote: Parallel Persia

Stunning blend of cutting edge IDM, CAD Noise & classical Persian musics derivatives

Downwards 082 (UK EP)

Oliver Ho produced awesome Industrial / Drone excursion

Ecstatic 039 (UK LP)

Densely atmospheric, slowly pulsating Ambient drifters

Ben Vida: Damaged Particulates

Puristic, Drone research & development related Designer Electronics

Xyn Cabal: Perfect Oracle

Intense, Noise & IDM affine Avant-Electronics

UIQ 011 (UK 10")

Intense, Noise edged Avant-IDM Electronics

Zomby: Let's Jam 2 EP

Spaced out UKG/Dubstep adventures

Schatrax VV 002 (UK 12")
Schatrax: Restless Nights

Reissue of classic Josh Brent production - essential House!

Schatrax VV 007 (UK 12")
Josh Brent: The Same Fury

Reissue of driving, classic Josh Brent productions - Essential House!