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2nd Drop 015 (UK 12")
Gerry Read: Roomland

Fine warm House w/ stepping UKG/UKF version

12" out of stock

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3024 020 (UK 12")
Trevino: Tactical Manoeuvre EP

Excellent, very aware 2012 UK Techno

10" out of stock

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Black Acre 027 (UK 10")
Hyetal: Phoenix (Fantastic Mr. Fox Remix)

One sided pressing; excellent kind of leftfield UK funky cut

Caski: Lunatic

UK Funky/4x4 UKG DJ tool cuts

Gourmet Beats 004 (UK Do 12")
Fill Spectre: General Masta EP

Sparse, classic Dancehall referencing Grime & Dubstep

Do 10" out of stock

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Mukunguni: New Recordings From Coast Province, Kenya

Field recordings of the Mijikenda tribes, Kenya; comes w/ CD version thrown in

Houndstooth 050 (UK 12")
Various Artists: Tessellations

Label anniversary mini-compilation w/ cuts by core-members of related artist family

Houndstooth 061 (UK 12")

IDM Electronica & UK leftfield House hybrid EP

DVA: Take It All EP

Ever impressive Hyperdub mode: futuristic, modern take on Grime in hardcore continuum mode

Lblynam (UK 12")
LB Lynam: Get Things Straight

One sided pressing; anthem alert leftfield UKG (one copy per person)

12" out of stock

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Lovers Rock 008 (UK 12")
Sleeper Cell: Quality Of Life
Blueprint 045 (UK 12")
Oliver Ho: Burning Heretics

Captivating, stepping, built-up electricity discharging Techno drivers

Don’t 031 (UK 12")
Neil Landstrumm: Clawing At Sand
The 65D Mavericks: Estrangement Of The Past (Live Edit)

Noisy, acidic, IDM-ish Techno excursion w/ remarkable Surgeon mix

12" out of stock

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Spatial: Emergence #3 EP

Techy, twisted Grime related & IDM leaning rhythm textures

12" out of stock

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Stripped down, tech-stepping Drum & Bass