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Downwards 76 (UK 12")
Samuel Kerridge: The Silence Between Us

A radical, true hard Techno explorer: dense, crisp, fresh Designer Techno for the fearless

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Waterpark 001 (UK 12")
Waterpark: Speedline Connect

Drifting Breakbeat House / Ambient House tunes

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Eaux 591 (UK 12")
Rrose: Eating The Other

Heavy, spaced out, superb Techno

Eaux 691 (UK 12")
Rrose: For Aquantice

Pure and spaced out Techno workouts

Eaux Re 01 (UK 12")
Rrose: Merchant Of Salt

Dense atmospheric killer Techno

A.R.T. NR 1 (UK 12")

Reissue of finest Degiorgio techno works w/ an excellent Craig version

Alaska & Seba: Sandpoint

Crafty take on 1990s Ambient Drum & Bass vibes

Auxiliary 017 (UK EP)
Sam KDC: Of Myth & Mercury
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Chestplate 042 (UK 12")
Distance: Clash

Sparse original Dubstep in dark & heavy Goth-Ambient sound sphere

Exit 052 (UK EP)
Chimpo: Out An Bad EP

Fresh takes on Footwork, Jungle & Dancehall related leftfield dance musics (one mint copy only)

Marionette 006 (UK EP)
Max Loderbauer: Greyland

Stunning explorer EP in rhythmical leftfield territorry in superior, fresh sound design

Okay Temiz / Johnny Dyani: Witchdoctor’s Son

‘Recorded in Istanbul in 1976 [] “We played another kind of music. Indian music, Turkish music, Bulgarian, Chinese, you know… All kinds of music.”’

2nd Drop 031 (UK 12")

Epic, atmospheric UK Tech House b/w killer Footwork version

2nd Drop 034 (UK 12")
Djrum: Space Race

Third chapter in a unique series: stunning Grime / UKG / Drum & Bass derived slow-fast hybrid wizardry

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Aquatic Lab 018 (UK 12")
Pinch: Brain Scan

Top notch Pinch work: beat science applied in spacious & precise, premium Grime style

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Rroxymore: Thoughts of an Introvert Part 1

Minimalist DJ tool UK Tech House trips

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Sweely: Nice Archive Traxx Vol. I

Driving, Disco / Soul samples relying, breakbeat driven, highly effective House set