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Rabit: Sun Dragon

Sparse, out-there Grime related beat science

81 003 (UK 12")
Chunky: Oun_C

Sparse, swinging Electro & Techno / House DJ tool cuts

81 007 (UK 12")
Chunky: Tolk to Meh

Heavy, minimalist leftfield Grime/UKG DJ tool cuts

81 008 (UK 12")
Cousin: Ruff Draft

Heavy, minimalist leftfield Grime/UKG DJ tool cuts

Do LP out of stock

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Crafty, extended explorations into Techno/Jazz leftfields

Tectonic 050 (UK 12")
Photek: Closer

Downtempo cut w/ classic Drum & Bass feel & killer Pinch remix

Crucial 002 (UK 12")
Sleeper: Shatterz EP

Classy, sparse, ultra heavy, original Dubstep vibes

EM 1133 (UK LP)
Roland Young: Confluences

Superb spaced out droning electro-acoustic Ambient Jazz excursions

Exit 014 (UK 12")
Instramental: Thugtronika

Superb, techy, dark Drum & Bass

Exit 029 (UK 12")
ASC: Stutter

Killer leftfield Drum & Bass/Dubstep compatible downtempo cuts

EP out of stock

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Exit 052 (UK EP)
Chimpo: Out An Bad EP

Fresh takes on Footwork, Jungle & Dancehall related leftfield dance musics (one mint copy only)

EP out of stock

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Exit 056 (UK EP)
Fixate: Throwback Therapy EP

Wild, classy Footwork/Jungle EP

3x 10" out of stock

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Exit LP 006 (UK 3x 10")
Genotype: Ritual Dance LP
3x 12" out of stock

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Exit LP 009 (UK 3x 12")
Loxy & Resound: Burning Shadows

Sparse, Industrial-ised & dubbed out Drum & Bass

Exit LP 010 (UK 3x 12")
Consequence: Test Dream

Brilliant mixture of cinematic IDM electronica & leftfield Drum & Bass