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Perc Trax 074 (UK 12")
Ghost In The Machine: One Louder EP

Hard, banging, uncompromising pure Techno

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Projekts 002 (UK 12")

Fabulous, raw, effective Techno stompers

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Dillinja: You / King Of The Beats

Mid 1990s Drum & Bass science 2nd to none b/w late 1990s styled tech stepper

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Housemeister: Late at Night

Boomy, jacking Chicago minimalism rooted current House jackers w/ classy Herbert version

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Aus Music 133 (UK 12")
Gerd: The Prophetess

Driving, classic 1990s US House trained DJ tool big room cuts

Books: Station LP (Sampler)

Stunningly cinematic, pulsating, explorative Drum & Bass / Techno / Ambient integration

E-Beamz 025 (UK 12")

Chill-wave leaning down tempo, lounge Electronica & related leftfield House

Index 003 (UK Do 12")
Breakage: At the Controls EP

One of the best post-2000 Drum & Bass practitioners in full effect

Narrative 014 (UK 12")
Ilk / SB81: The Sound of Falling / Reversal

Blinding, fresh, partly tech-stepping infected Drum & Bass cuts

War 021 (UK 12")

DJ tool edit biz on classic Dancehall anthems for the dance

Toasty: Metal

Golden era Drum & Bass sound design in developed UKG leaning & Grime trained breakbeat science - Highly Recommended!

Tactical Aspect: Unfaire Remixes

Spectacular Drum & Bass remix set feat. the one & only Ricky Force

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Diagonal 051 (UK 12")
EVOL: Wabbit Trax

Minimalist Designer Acid

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Ciggy De La Noche: Strictly Come Dancing

Classic sounding, lo-fi-esque DJ tool House / Tech House drifters

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Horo Ex 021 (UK 12")
Ontal: Ikari

Hard hitting Industrial / EBM tinged & Noise saturated Techno banger

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D.Dan: Covert Operation
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LUZ1E: 4​/​5​/​20​/​18​/​15​/​9​/​20

Retro-esque atmospheric wrapped & partly Acid driven Electro EP

Killer Drum & Bass referencing mid 1990s golden era Metalheadz school

Rumbleton: A New Day

The class of 2017: flawless, tough & dark Drum Bass rollers

Peter Darker: Choose Your Destiny

Aka Kid Lib prod. ace Jungle revivalism in rough, early 1990s style