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Garrett David: Live From The Dog Cave

Classic US House styled EP ranging from jacking Chicago oldschool to swinging NY Dub House vibes

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C Powers: Fitness Check

Minimalist, effective DJ tool UK House set

Soma 431 (UK 12")
B12: Bokide 325 EP

Living up to the project’s rich heritage: classy Ambient Techno/Electronica EP

Tectonic 050 (UK 12")
Photek: Closer

Downtempo cut w/ classic Drum & Bass feel & killer Pinch remix

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Tempa 032 (UK 12")
D1: I’m Loving

UK garage anthem alert + heavy dubstep rave vibes

Tempa 039 (UK Do EP)
D1: V3

Nice & diverse EP ranging from UK garage rooted via funky house to UK harcore infected dubstep

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Tempa 104 (UK Do EP)
Various Artists: Tempa Allstars Vol. 8
Rook Vallade: Vestiges

Idiosyncratic, metallic rhythmical textures w/ unique, avant-DSP derived sound sphere

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Unknown Entity: Bad Ju Ju

Dry, crispy, stepping to banging pure Techno cuts

Powell: Frankie & Jonny

New Wave laced Techno tracks

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Diagonal 037 (UK 12")
Yally: Dread Risk / U-Eff-O

A Raime side project - idiosyncratic, abstract reflection on golden era Drum & Bass - Highly Recommended! (one copy per customer)