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Survey: Orka

Ace tough Drum & Bass bangers

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Firescope 014 (UK EP)
Bauri: Vinkelvolten II

Classic Boards of Canada reminiscent IDM / Lounge Ambient EP

Yally: Burnt

Superbly sparse, bottom heavy, Raime prod. Grime rhythms on one-sided vinyl

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Crucial 019 (UK 12")
Gramz: Joken

Sparse, distorted, precise & heavy Grime beat science

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Discrepant 045 (UK LP)
Bosaina: New York April - July 2013 / Two Names Upon The Shore

‘fragmented and wistful soundscapes that combine her affection for the piano with ambient textures from seashore to life underground’

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Discrepant 054 (UK LP)
Tasos Stamou: Musique con Crète

’electroacoustic ‘Musique con Crète’ music project’ reflecting on the cultural heritage of Crete

Discrepant 058 (UK LP)
Mike Cooper: Tropical Gothic

Oustanding, imaganative soundscapes: ‘Cooper’s limitless exploration in his collection of guitars’

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JVXTA: Orange Islands

Smooth & subtly atmospheric Tech House / House set

Idle Hands 045 (UK 12")
Area: Freckles EP

Subtle mixture of densely atmospheric ‘future’ UKG & click’n’cuts affine minimalist Tech House

Idle Hands 047 (UK 12")
A Sagittariun: Pseudo Science

Ace, twisted, tripped out Techno floaters