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Powell: Frankie & Jonny

New Wave laced Techno tracks

12" out of stock

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Diagonal 037 (UK 12")
Yally: Dread Risk / U-Eff-O

A Raime side project - idiosyncratic, abstract reflection on golden era Drum & Bass - Highly Recommended! (one copy per customer)

E-Beamz 017 (UK 12")
S-DM: Southside EP

‘roots music’: Chicago oldschool Acid House reminiscent, effective DJ tool set

Dom & Roland: Unofficial Jah VIP

Classy, crafty Drum & Bass incl. Goldie’s eternal ’Jah’ retreated

Relentless halfstep Drum & Bass bangers

Avian 027 (UK Do LP)
Kilner: Walk Type

Superbly dynamic Blawan prod. album inhabited by idiosyncratic Ambient / Drone / Techno creatures

Avian 030 (UK 12")
Rhyw: Cave Walls (Part One)

Excellent haunting Techno cuts & cinematic Drone sculptures

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Zov Zov: Fata Morgana

Free-styling, 1980s Industrial reminiscent Ambient & rhythm textures

Kwench 002 (UK 12")
Cassy & Demuir: Please Me - Fred P Mixes
Shelter Press 082 (UK Do LP)
Darren Almond: All Things Pass

‘beautiful exploration of traditional Northern Indian classical music recorded with an experimental emphasis’

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Komon & Appleblim: Know Yourself EP

Stepping UK Techno adventure incorporating UKG & down tempo vibes

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E-Beamz 018 (UK 12")
Nyra: Eternal Ends EP

’in-the-red’, direct, oldschool Acid, Disco & EBM leaning, highly effective Techno / House set

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Move D: To The Disco ’77
Do 12" out of stock

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Exit Mini LP 003 (UK Do 12")
Fixate: What Goes Around Mini-LP

Jungle revivalism in updated, Grime affine Footwork & Drum & Bass mode - Highly Recommended!

Gaze Ill: Hydrated EP

Sparse UKG & Grime affine, universal rhythm tracks & deadly DJ weapons