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Mr. Roque: Dub Cradle

Smart electronic UK Dub / Dub House trips

Hypercolour 069 (UK 12")
Taraval: No Coast EP

Tripping & spaced out Techno & Tech House explorer excursions

Hybris: Iceworm EP

Tough, modern & 1990s Tech step echoing Drum & Bass rollers

12" out of stock

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‘cosmic’ Drum & Bass excursions (one copy per customer)

Escapism Refuge: Wet Wipes

Swinging, warm, dreamy Ambient wrapped, half-stepping Dubstep

Hard hitting & highly effective set of big room DJ tool House

12" out of stock

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Aus Music 135 (UK 12")
Will Saul: Arps & Early Starts

Perfect, 1990s Detroit / US House school trained big room DJ tool set w/ Electro bonus

Auxiliary 012 (UK 12")
Sam KDC: Law Of The Trapezoid

Fresh, dense, sub heavily pulsating leftfield Ambient Techno/Drum & Bass EP

Auxiliary 014 (UK Do 12")
ASC: The Farthest Reaches EP

Epic, pulsatic, extended, perfectly crafted Ambient Techno EP

Neel & Filippo Scorcucchi: Present LF58: Late Night Innominate Vol. 2

Pure Ambient / Drone bliss

ASC & Synth Sense: Reject The System

Sub heavy Ambient excursions

12" out of stock

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Djedjotronic: Cruising

Classic Electro Bass & Electronica tinged Electro set

12" out of stock

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Almost Musique Concrète sound collages & rhythmically noise reminiscent Designer Grime

Downwards 78 (UK EP)
Samuel Kerridge: The I Is Nothing

Fearless Techno explorer w/ echoes on UK Grime & IDM heritage - Highly Recommended!

12" out of stock

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E-Beamz 003 (UK 12")
DJ Swagger: Remember Me EP

Deep, stomping, late night House groovers