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Bedouin 013 (UK 12")
Pan Daijing: A Satin Sight

Droning, ‘in-the-red’, industrialised Techno explorer

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Bedouin 019 (UK 12")
AQXDM: Aegis

Twisted, banging UK Techno jacker w/ Noise saturated atmospheres

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Bedouin 021 (UK EP)
Jigga: lillllill

Ancient-futurist, intense, somewhat out-there Grime affine rhythm & sound textures

Bedouin OG 003 (UK LP)
Merzbow: Tomarigi

THE Japanese Noise legend delivers & fulfills all expectations a for proper brain reset

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Bedouin X 002 (UK LP)
Osheyack: Sadomodernism

Mind bending mixture of Avant-IDM-Techno & out-there Grime vibes for the fearless

Blueprint 052.1 (UK 12")
Rommek: Sedimentary - Set in Stone Trilogy

Dark & heavy UK Techno explorer in best Birmingham school tradition & w/ echoes of IDM

Blueprint 054 (UK 12")
James Ruskin: Reality Broadcast Off

Expertly mesmerizing, pure, effective Techno bangers

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Cygnus: Deep Analysis

Full range, diversely tripping, partly vocoder dubbed braindancing Electro excursion

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Church W 017 (UK 12")
Julius Steinhoff: Forgotten Garden

Smallville crew core-member delivers late night House / Tech House minimalism

Party-guaranteed, cutting-edge, Dance Hall infused Drum & Bass bangers (download card included)

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Edit Select 052 (UK 12")

Boomy, dreamy, driving Techno trips

Bandshell: Dust March

Sparse, percussive, unusual tools for the skilled DJ on the impeccable HA label

Perc Trax 083 (UK 12")
Perc: Three Tracks To Send To Your Ghost

Heavy, noisy Techno hitters

Rua Sound 001 (UK 12")
Sully: Lifted

Ace Grime / Footwork compatible Jungle revivalism

Signature LP 012 (UK 3x LP)
Calibre: The Deep

Masterful, introverted, Jazz infused Drum & Bass & beyond album

Overlook: Empires

Sparse, half-stepping, sub heavy & fresh Drum & Bass & derivatives

Auxiliary 011 (UK 12")
Sam KDC: The Order & The Entity

Pulsating, mesmerizing, leftfield Drum & Bass derivatives

Auxiliary 012 (UK 12")
Sam KDC: Law Of The Trapezoid

Fresh, dense, sub heavily pulsating leftfield Ambient Techno/Drum & Bass EP