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You’re Me: Plant Cell Division

Stunningly fresh sounding, richly imaginative, pure Ambient album

Bud Burroughs: The Mail Art

Euphoric, funked up House cuts

Ace, uplifting, swinging Grime affine beatscience - TIP!

Criterion 020 (UK 12")
Alaska & Paradox: Out Of Darkness

Blinding, masterful mid 1990s atmospheric style Drum & Bass from the source

Martian Man: In-D-Sky’s

Tough 1990s style Jungle revivalism

Yally: Burnt

Superbly sparse, bottom heavy, Raime prod. Grime rhythms on one-sided vinyl

Contort 005 (UK EP)
WSR: Stainless

Awesome Emanuele Porcinai produced genre-border-busting sound works

Surgeon: Waiting For Me

Pioneering Techno in Surgeon sound signature

Grey Area 003 (UK 12")
Unknown: Grey Area Volume Three

Dubbed out, drifting & pulsating Industrial/Ambient leaning EP

Szare: Arcane Rhythm Structures Excavated And Remodelled By Hand

Sparse DJ tool Techno