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Picnic 34 004 (UK 12")
Ordering Instructions: The Weird Dinner Request

Pounding, slightly noisy UK Techno banger

Amish Boy: Nice Try Donnie!

Tough, noisy, stepping Techno grinders to Grime / UK Bass compatible rhythm textures

Urban Tribe: Zombie Assault

Exceptional & unique cyber-Electro from 2006 (one mint copy)

Dima Disk: Fetty

Spaced out, raw, ‘in-the-red’ Techno jackers

Gen Ludd: Marraskuu

Minimalist, freestyling & universal pure DJ tool rhythm w/ affinities for Grime to classic Chicago House

Skam KMAS001 (UK 7")

(one very good copy w/ insert, wear on sleeve from removed price sticker)

Sylphe 010 (UK 12")
Holdie Gawn / Micawber: Gleech Huis / Parsec Telemetry

Minimalist Tech House psychedelics layered on sub heavy grooves w/ that certain UK twist

Unrelatable 001 (UK 12")
Passarani: Ignition

Craftily executed reflection on Italian Proto-House & early 1990s Acid House vibes

XPQ? 002 (UK EP)
Exael: Dioxippe

Set of raw, far-out, adventurous leftfield Techno & Electronica experiments

Youth 7B (UK 7")
Howes: The Weathertenko

Raw, ‘in-the-red’ Techno & Dance Hall affine, dubbed out rhythm tracks

Cacophonic 002 (UK LP)
Karel Goeyvaerts: Karel Goeyvaerts

Proper reissue of 1977 Modern Classical & Electro-Accoustic sound works

12" out of stock

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Church 018 (UK 12")
Julio Victoria: Astrolabe

Subtly atmospheric UK Tech House swingers

12" out of stock

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Bakongo: Momoweb / Disposition / Goulbap

Swirling, percussive, Roska prod. rhythm workouts

D-Malice: Indian Time

Highly effective, perfectly executed, banging, techy UK Funky related House/Techno

LP out of stock

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Ecstatic 045 (UK LP)
Iona Fortune: Tao Of I Volume 2

‘Beautiful, highly unusual arrangements for synthetic bass & traditional Chinese strings’