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Blueprint 052 (UK 12")
Rommek: Igneous - Set in Stone Trilogy

Dark & heavy UK Techno explorer in best Birmingham school tradition & w/ echoes of IDM

Akira Rabelais: Eisoptrophobia

Wonderful, cinematic Piano derived Ambient sound scapes

Dfsant 003 (UK 12")

Uplifting, Disco utilising House to minimalist, atmospheric Tech House

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Discrepant 060 (UK LP)
Jibóia: 0000

Idiosyncratic & ‘rich dialogue between outer-world sounds mixed with a free jazz approach to rock’

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Hissman: Revenge EP

Stomping, lo-fi-esque, EBM tinged Techno jackers

Don’t 037 (UK 12")
Another Alias: Brain Exchange EP

Nasty UK Techno banger w/ echoes of ‘No Future’ & ‘Wonky Techno’ attitudes

Firescope 002 (UK 12")
B12: Deceased Unknown

Flawless Ambient Techno / Electronica EP

First Cut 002 (UK 12")

Raw, distorted blend of Detroit Beatdown & sparse Techno / House EP

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Gqom Oh! 009 (UK 12")

UK Grime affine South African dance bomb

Brandon Vare: Moonlighting

Spaced out & psychedelic, acidic tripping House jams

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DJ Different: Permission 2 Dance

Early 1990s atmospherics reminiscent breakbeat & Jungle reminiscences

Make Noise 009 (UK LP)
Bana Haffer: Matiere

Stunning, pure, side long Electronic sound scapes explorer

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Strahinja Arbutina: Public Speaker

Distorted & noisy, yet funky hard edged Techno / Electro work out

Oleka: Ostentiferous

No-prisoners-taking, full on, fresh & noisy Techno banger

Dima Disk: Fetty

Spaced out, raw, ‘in-the-red’ Techno jackers

KTL: The Pyre: Versions Distilled To Stereo

Stephen O'Malley & Peter Rehberg exceptional Drone excursions for Gisèle Vienne’s performative projects (w/ download code)

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Purist, epic CAD IDM / Drone / Electronics sound scapes (w/ download code)

Deadboy: Columns

Chilled Electronica / UK Tech House hybrid EP