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Jesse Kuye: You Have Been Listening to J. Tijn
Kyriakos Sfetsas: Greek Fusion Orchestra VOL.1

Unearthed Jazz / Greek Folk fusion music represented in usual high TB standards

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Art-E-Fax 004 (UK EP)
Briain: Laniakea

Uplifting, playful, Breakbeat / Acid House / Techno workouts

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ASC: Clear Skies / Nimbus

Perfectionist dreamy Drum & Bass voyages

Blocks & Escher: From The Ashes

Perfect cinematic Drum & Bass science

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Trule 005 (UK 10")
Bash: Jubilee

Flawless Dub infused UK Garage cuts

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Flørist: 4 Letter Word

Stepping, dubbed out atmospheric wrapped, epic Ambient Techno

Various Artists: Collisional Process Volume 1

Bridging atmospheric Jungle revivalism w/ current half-stepper vibes

Jamie Lidell: When I Come Back Round (Matthew Herbert's Long Night Dub)

The sound Herbert made famous: crisp, slick, deep, ‘on point’ House production

Various Artists: The Drip EP

Herbert’s crew ingenious House Music expanding rhythm textures in full effect - Highly Recommended!

Yally: Burnt

Superbly sparse, bottom heavy, Raime prod. Grime rhythms on one-sided vinyl

Beatrice Dillon: Can I Change My Mind?

One-sided issue; sparse rhythm exploration

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CNVX 014 (UK Download only)
Kid Drama: Ideal Form EP

Fresh Drum & Bass bangers

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Critical Music 138 (UK Download only)
Emperor: Backchat EP
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Chevel: Always Yours
Downwards 72 (UK EP)
Simon Shreeve: Lust Product

Magnificient, sub heavy, Mønic prod. Techno / Ambient killers