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180g LP 001 (UK LP)
Ajate: Abrada

Afro-Funk meets Japanese traditional music (comes w/ download)

2nd Drop 031 (UK 12")

Epic, atmospheric UK Tech House b/w killer Footwork version

Auxiliary 022 (UK Do 12")
ASC: The Outer Limits

Exceptionally deep, drifting Ambient Techno EP

Tarquin Manek: Tarquin Magnet

Beautiful Industrial leaning Ambient/Drone/Indietronica album (comes w/ download code)

154: Wherever You Go, I Will Follow

Idiosyncratic, fantastic, epic Ambient House bliss

Cacophonic 002 (UK LP)
Karel Goeyvaerts: Karel Goeyvaerts

Proper reissue of 1977 Modern Classical & Electro-Accoustic sound works

Cacophonic 024 (UK LP)
Roger Doyle: Oizzo No

‘manifesto of outsider orchestrations, teenage symphonies and cultivated concrete’

Surgeon: Midnight Club Tracks II

Pioneering Techno in Surgeon sound signature

Diagonal 040 (UK LP)
The Modern Institute: Another Exhibition at the Modern Institute

Crisp, minimalist, early 1980s Wave / Punk reminiscent sound scapes

Mikal: From Creation EP

Tight & crisp, modern Drum & Bass w/ echoes of mid 1990s ‘golden era’ style

Idle Hands 049 (UK 12")
Dan Habarnam: Draw Your Pattern EP

Stepping, slightly UKG-esque Tech House grooves

Exciting rhythmic hypnotics by the Industrial originators - download card included

Lucy Railton: Paradise 94

Astonishing sound sculptures blending Drone research & Noise development