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Hojo Clan 004 (UK 12")
Shiken Hanzo: White Gorilla Cult EP

Droning, futurist Drum & Bass / Techno hybrid steppers in explorer mode

12" out of stock

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Adam Pits: Socket Power

UK House compatible Electro jams Horizontal Ground 2

Heavy subs driven raw DJ tool techno

Angus Tarnawsky: Pitched EP

Experimental edged, Industrial leaning, puristic Noise-Electronica & derived Techno cuts

Jealous God 017 (UK 12")
Varg: I’ll Hold You Till We Die

Pulsating reverberating Techno trips

7" out of stock

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Carmel: Georgia

Sweet, melodic Electronica minitures

Various Artists: Themes And Variations

Simply the best label in exploring Techno / Drum & Bass / Industrial Ambient hybrids

12" out of stock

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Sbire 003 (UK 12")
Isolated Lines: Front Line

Twisted, futuristic UK Techno explorer rooted in Avant-Electro science & IDM

Thirty Year 004 (UK 12")
DJ Swagger: Faces Whatsoever EP

Fresh blend of leftfield UKG & Electro vibes in a House comptaible DJ mode

12" out of stock

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Timedance 015 (UK 12")
Lurka: Heat Mover / Battery

Heavily Grime-tinged, swinging UK Techno stepper

12" out of stock

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Nthng: The Traveller

Fast paced, mesmerising Ambient Techno pulses

12" out of stock

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Europa: Facegrinder
12" out of stock

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Trancemaster: Neptune’s Orb

Fast pulsating & uplifting early Acid driven Trance Techno inspired EP

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Europa: Alpanya

Somewhat ‘freaky’ Braindance related, freestyling Ambient, IDM & Acid Electronica

Shackleton: Deliverance Series No. 3

New, unique, modern, adventurous club music related killer EP

Abyss 001 (UK 12")
Various Artists: Envisioned Disorder

Hard kicking late 1990s-DJ-tool-loop-techno alike 12" w/ an electro bonus cut

Dispatch 045 (UK 12")

Superb dry Drum & Bass bangers