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Response & Pliskin: We’re All Disturbed (LP Sampler)

Great 'Jungle-Tekkno' / UK Rave revivalism b/w heavy Acid Trance-Techno banger

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Albion 007 (UK 12")
Lord Jabu: Yagoda

Heavy Dubstep beats

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Komon & Appleblim: Know Yourself EP

Stepping UK Techno adventure incorporating UKG & down tempo vibes

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Jayson Wynters: Double Standards EP

Mesmerising, dark blue, subtly swinging House / Techno EP w/ Kowton appearance

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Navy Cut 008 (UK 12")

Current, modern, heavily processed Dubstep related Reggae excursion

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Paranoid London 009 (UK Download only)
Paranoid London: (Vi-Vi) Vicious Games
Bellows: Strand

Sparse, explorative French Acousmatics aware & Ambient Electronica aiming album

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Thomas Ankersmit: Homage To Dick Raaijmakers

Sub heavy, purist Noise excursions

12" out of stock

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Thee J Johanz: Declassified EP

Taking up original explorer mode & aiming for uncharted leftfield Techno territory - Recommended!

Laksa: Workout EP

Blinding, subheavy, swinging, dark UK Techno cuts

Surgeon: Raw Trax 1

Massive, highly effective, dynamic, pure Techno by a true master

Avian 027 (UK Do LP)
Kilner: Walk Type

Superbly dynamic Blawan prod. album inhabited by idiosyncratic Ambient / Drone / Techno creatures

Ike Yard: Loss (Regis Version)

Incl. excellent Regis version

Subtext 005 (UK LP)
Emptyset: Medium

Precise, heavy noise attacks & drones