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Avian 027 (UK Do LP)
Kilner: Walk Type

Superbly dynamic Blawan prod. album inhabited by idiosyncratic Ambient / Drone / Techno creatures

Batsumi: Batsumi

A key record in South African Jazz, reissued in fine style, killer

Derek Gripper: One Night On Earth

Totally beautiful guitar interpretations of Malian kora classics

Valuable, high-quality reissue of a South African Jazz holy grail

Onloop 004 (UK 12")
Various Artists: Moxie Pres Volume Three Sampler 2

Driving, effective to atmospheric, chilled DJ tool House set

Downwards 73 (UK 12")
My Disco: Severe Remixes

Fabulous Regis Industrial / ethereal Lustmord remix workouts

Don’t 036 (UK 10")
Paul Birken: Drool Puddle Yacht Club EP

Hard hitting, distorted, percussive Techno banger in mid 1990s style w/ locked grooves

Eotrax 002 (UK 12")
Lair: Lair EP

Modern Classical affine ambient-ish choruses & pulsating Techno aimed version by Rrose - Highly Recommended!

Uplifting, early 1990s US school reminiscent, flawless House EP

12" out of stock

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E-Unity: Perihelion

Stunningly free minded rhythm texture aiming at Electro, Grime & Techno at the same time - Highly recommended!

Timedance 010 (UK 12")
Ploy: Intrigued By The Drum

Swinging, dubby, stunningly fresh, loosely House related groove adventure - Highly Recommended!