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Peder Mannerfelt: The 3D Printed Songbook

Experimental edged Designer Electronica & textured Noise scapes

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Sub tl 042 (Euro Download only)
Drop-E: World In Decline EP
Meta4 006 (Euro 12")
Lars Huismann: Artificial Catalyst

Hard banging, anthemic, stepping Techno EP

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Kornél Kovács: Stockholm Marathon

Shopping mall compatible Dance Pop / Tech House album

Andarta 002 (Euro 12")
Windows: Life Knocked Me
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Johanna Knutsson: Tollarp Transmissions
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Various Artists: Five Years Of Tears Vol. 1
Vil: Old Turns New

Shoot-to-kill effective Techno weaponry

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Skymark: Find A Place In This Crazy World
Insanlar: Demedim Mi

A 45 minute zero-gravity Disco trip made in Istanbul

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Rösten 005 (Euro Do LP)
Sstrom: Otider

Remarkable, immersive, experimetalist Techno album by one half of Shxcxchcxsh

Shipwrec 061 (Euro 12")
Fedbymachines: Mountains Fields Rivers

Heavenly Dub Techno / Ambient EP

Asyncro 001 (Euro EP)
Serwed: Serwed

Smart & imaginative Ol & Flat prod. varied Electronica mini-album

Module One: Voyage

Wonderful, uplifting, aerial Dub House deepness

Kaelan: Basement EP

Effective, big room DJ tool Techno EP