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Sonuos 003 (Euro 12")
Plaster: Circular Mechanism

Fine spaced out stepping Techno b/w stunning dubbed out Substance version

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Dekmantel 064 (Euro 12")
Jex Opolis: Earth Boy

Uplifting, 80s Disco Pop leaning Tech House cuts

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Erased Tapes 122 (Euro Download only)
Michael Price: Songs for Eveline

Cinematic Modern Classical sound scapes

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Latency 017 (Euro LP)
Kassel Jaeger: Le Lisse Et Le Strie

Sub heavy cutting edge Designer Ambient Electronics

Fenn O’Berg: Live In Japan Part Two

The Mego super group (Fenesz, Pita & Jim O’Pourke) plays out live in Japan

Fennesz: Bécs

’A singular work by a singular artist’ - comes in Tina Frank designed gatefold sleeve

BJNilsen: Massif Trophies

Masterful processed & arranged field recordings (w/ downlaod code)

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Shit And Shine: Some People Really Know How To Live

Groove adventures of another kind utilising noise, glitches, cut-up techniques & Hip Hop vibes (w/ downlaod code)

Nebulae 003 (Euro 12")
Darren Nye: Caldwell 39

Superb, spaced out, B12 reminiscent Ambient Techno / Electro gems

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Curle 062 (Euro 12")
Far Out Radio Systems: Dream The Dreams Of Dreamers

Warm dubbed out House EP

Curle 064 (Euro 12")
Aubrey & Simone Gatto: Spring Sun Blues

Dreamy dubbed out House cuts

Enemy 035 (Euro 12")
Dustin Zahn: Juvenoia

Expertly dreamy Techno effectiveness

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Pinkman 029 (Euro 12")
Randstad: Stranded

Heavy stomping, raw New Beat / EBM oriented Techno bangers

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Anagram 014 (Euro 12")
Barbara Ford: Sound Of The Siren

Classy, subtly intense Techno EP