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Príncipe 010 (Euro 12")
Niagara: Ímpar

Hard hitting, raw 4x4 Grime & UKG affine DJ tool House EP

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Príncipe 011 (Euro 12")
DJ Firmeza: Alma Do Meu Pai

Reduced-to-maximise-in-full-effect, red hot ’Batida’ rhythm tracks

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DJ Marfox: Chapa Quente

Compelling, ’in ya face’ next-to-Techno Kuduro derived, universal rhythm tracks

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DJ Lycox: Sonhos & Pesadelos

Uplifting, twisted beat science driven, Outernational Pop tinged, Grime affine party cuts

Morbid 012 (Euro Do EP)

Uncompromising set of ever forward marching Techno bangers - not more, no less.

Vidinovski: Infinite Or Finite

Uplifting, atmospheric, Detroit schooled Techno EP

Insolate: The Mood Module EP

Fine pounding and tripping DJ tool Techno tracks

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Dolly 025 (Euro 12")
Afik Naim: Songs For Tova

Excellent leftfield House jams w/ killer KM version

Basic Soul Unit: Behavoural Issue

Excellent Detroit oriented House / Techno EP

Gesloten Cirkel: Moustache Techno 001

Raw retro house/techno

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Sublunar 002 (Euro 12")
Nh: Nihil

Superb pure Techno hypnotics

Do EP out of stock

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De:tuned 008 (Euro Do EP)
LA Synthesis: Agraphobia Relapse
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Stefan Vincent: Elephant’s Foot

Excellent, partly Mills-works leaning, spaced out, minimalist Techno EP

Kuzma Palkin: Sierpinski Curve

Perfect, atmospheric, reduced, bottom-heavy House gems