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Judas: Unsaid Pt. 1

Heavy, grinding, dark big room Techno pounders

12" out of stock

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Sedvs: Pieces Of Agitation
Clergy 002 (Euro 12")
Wrong Assessment: End of Contemplation

Excellent, impelling big room Techno stompers

Clergy 006 (Euro 12")
Reflec: Rite Of Passage

Mighty sounding, full-on energizing Techno killers

K.A. Posse: Our Love Stops And Goes

Reissue of awesome, K. Alexi prod. original Chicago Acid House milestone previously on Phercee City in 1989

12" out of stock

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Takaaki Itoh: A Fancy Haircut Will Not Help You To Make Better Tracks

Crafty, pure, effective Techno EP

Head High: Into It

Hands-in-the-air & head high: uplifting review of UK Hardcore & House revivalism

Arsenik 016 (Euro 12")
Various Artists: Arsenik Displays Pt. 1

Boomy, driving, tripped out Techno mini-compilation

Ballyhoo 103 (Euro 12")
Thee J Johanz: Move Your Butty

Welcome reissue of legendary 1992 Irdial House track w/ awesome rework and playful remix - Highly recommended perfect package

Sedvs: Ego Is ID

Lethal Techno bombs b/w awesome Regis remix - Highly Recommended!

12" out of stock

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Figure 097 (Euro 12")
Kirilik: Infinity Is Not A Number

Boomy, perfect, minimalist big room Techno

Man Band 008 (Euro 12")
Tibia: Polypola

Deep, tripped out, stepping Techno / Ambient wonders