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Clergy 009 (Euro 12")
Reflec: Shift In Karma

Highly effective heavy big room Techno stompers

Simbiosi: Indastria EP

Hefty, distorted, experimental edged & Techno related sound scapes

12" out of stock

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Reptant: New Advancements In Lizard Tech™
12" out of stock

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Delsin 136 (Euro 12")
Claro Intelecto: Forgotten Wasteland

Effective dubbed out Techno EP

12" out of stock

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Doug Cooney: Claim A Wake

Effective, pounding, spaced out Techno EP (download sticker included)

214: North Cascades

Excellent spaced out and gripping Electro cuts

Do EP out of stock

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Reeko: Archives
Mord 014 (Euro 12")
Lag: Fiend EP

Killer hard Techno stepper w/ straight ahead stomping remixes

PAN 88 (Euro EP)
Toxe: Blinks

Intensely melodic IDM & UK rave emulations reminiscent Electronica (download card included)

Birth Of Frequency: The Spelling

Stomping big room Techno cuts w/ perfect & playful remix treatments

Refracted: Expeditions

Boomy forceful big room Techno cuts w/ atmospheric Exium pounder

Semantica 054 (Euro 12")
Plant43: The Sentient City Awakens

2019 repress of excellent, spaced out, Detroit informed Electro science