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Tin Man: Keys Of Life Acid

Long acidic tripping House (sealed original copies)

Sähkö 08 (Euro EP)
Mike Ink: Rosenkranz

2007 reissue of Wolfgang Voigt prod. blueprint minimalist Techno (no repress - warehouse find - sealed copies!)

Steve Reich: Four Organs / Phase Patterns

Valuable reissue of fundamental, path-breaking 1970s Electronic music (gatefold sleeve, download code, insert w/ liner notes)

12" out of stock

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Umwelt: Density

Dense acidic Techno / Electro pressre

12" out of stock

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Kitjen 005 (Euro 12")
Fantastic Man: Galactic Ecstasy

Acid & breakbeats induced, retroesque House jams

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Leyla 004 (Euro 12")
Positive Centre: Nonharmonic Beautifault

Impressive Industrial Techno set

Excellent diverse, dubbed out, tripping Ambient Electronica EP (comes w/ download code)

Classy, side-long Ambient excursions & sound collages

Pierre Schaeffer: Le Trièdre Fertile

Fantastic, valuable reissue for the adventurous person: seminal mid 1970s electro-accoustic album - Highly Recommended!

12" out of stock

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Keita Sano: Why Not EP

Boomy, minimalist, driving Techno set

Sensate Focus: Sensate Focus 1.666666666

Written and produced by Mark Fell and Sasu Ripatti; House reflecting ’IDM’

Sensate Focus: Sensate Focus

Mark Fell prod. original early 1990s rooted, stepping Ambient House textures