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Paul Ritch & Giorgio Gigli: Shadow Never Sleep

Boomy mesmerizing big room Techno cuts

P.E.A.R.L.: Internal Pressure

Optimized, expertly sculptured, heavy, dense big room Techno pounders

12" out of stock

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Keith Carnal: Passive-Aggressive

Excellent electronic music album ranging abstract noise music to 1970s ’Krautrock’ rooted epic sound scapes

12" out of stock

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Shtum 017 (Euro 12")
Leif Müller: Shtum 017

Fine, driving, dreamy Techno trips

Balans 025 (Euro 12")
Tetelepta: Waiting For The Flash

Playful DJ tool Techno cuts

12" out of stock

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Lenske 002 (Euro 12")
Milo Spykers: Infinite

Full-on big room Techno bangers

Fenn O’Berg: Live In Japan Part Two

The Mego super group (Fenesz, Pita & Jim O’Pourke) plays out live in Japan

BJNilsen: Massif Trophies

Masterful processed & arranged field recordings (w/ downlaod code)

Shit And Shine: Some People Really Know How To Live

Groove adventures of another kind utilising noise, glitches, cut-up techniques & Hip Hop vibes (w/ downlaod code)

Mord 017 (Euro 12")
Exium: Human Element EP

Direct, effective, flawless Techno bomb

12" out of stock

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Planetary Assault Systems: Planetary Funk 22 Light Years - Part 1

Reissue of Luke Slater prod. Techno gem from 1997 w/ optimized 2016 remixes

Pris: Flagrant Foul

Pristine optimized big room Techno bomb