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E.R.P.: Ancient Light
Sähkö 06-12 (Euro 12")
Ø: Syväys

Essential, crystal clear mid 90s Mika Vainio tracks reissued + the new ’Syväys’ (sealed copies)

Sähkö 25 (Euro LP)
Ø: Heijastuva

Wonderful Mika Vainio electronics (sealed copies)

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Token 064 (Euro 12")
Oscar Mulero: Hyperbolic Paths
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Arts 023 (Euro 12")
Keith Carnal: Illusion

Driving & stomping big room Techno dreamscapes

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Konstrukt 004 (Euro 12")
Doka: Harmony

Lovely Ambient Techno steppers

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Mord 018 (Euro 12")
Sleeparchive: Senza Titolo EP

Expertly led excursions into noisy Bleep Techno fields

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Mord 033 (Euro 12")
Radial: Bona Fide

Kicking pure Techno bangers

Repitch 1003 (Euro 10")
Mike Parker: Through Cylinders

Purest Mike Parker distilled Techno refinement

Repitch 1004 (Euro 10")
Sote: Neuroenhancer

Heavily distorted, hard hitting, Noise & Industrial aiming Techno cuts

LD Nero: Elation Tracks

Minimalist & subtle House groovers

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Echovolt 022 (Euro LP)
Kane Ikin: Sensory Memory

Dense tripping Ambient Techno excursions