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Sub Rosa 467 (Euro LP)
Octavian Nemescu: Gradeatia / Natural (1973-83)

Reissue of mind blowing Romanian avantgarde Electronics / Electro-Accoustic works

12" out of stock

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Aasthma 002 (Euro 12")
Aasthma: Los Angeles

Stunning, intense, droning Electronic Ambient & stepping Techno explorer

Franck Vigroux: Centaure

Explorative, proper produced, awesome sounding Noise soundscapes

LP out of stock

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Jacky McKayten: The Black Magic

Reissue of ‘Yemenite interpretations of Bollywood soundtracks from 1982’

PAN 19 (Euro LP)
Heatsick: Intersex

Steven Warwick prod. early-/pre-House rooted, experimental edged Electronics

12" out of stock

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Borusiade: Misfits Of Broken Dreams
12" out of stock

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Safe Trip 013 (Euro 12")
Dazion: Dragon Wave / VX LTD

Sparse, subtly pulsating to warm Ambient wrapped Proto-House affine rhythm textures

Suspected 018 (Euro 12")
DJ T-1000: I Told Em I Was From Detroit

Alan Oldham prod. Techno banger b/w stomping Scan 7 / excellent Stingray remixes

Absys 012 (Euro 12")
Ricky Force: Ecstasy

Outstanding, half-stepping Drum & Bass killers

12" out of stock

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Dawl: Time To Throw Down

Early 90s UK oriented Acid House / Breakbeat EP

Do LP out of stock

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De:tuned 015 (Euro Do LP)

Classic Detroit / Chicago House / Techno schooled album w/ Ambient Electronica bonus

Marina Trench: Signature EP 1

Euphoric warm House EP b/w expertly effective Kerri Chandler remix

Marina Trench: Signature EP 2

Euphoric, dubbed out, warm House EP b/w expertly effective remixes