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Sub Rosa 420 (Euro LP)
Karel Appel: Musique Barbare

Valuable re-issue of mid 1960s ’edit-heaavy’ ’Tape-Music’-collage

12" out of stock

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Tikita 007 (Euro 12")

Percussive Ambient Techno trips

12" out of stock

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Token 036 (Euro 12")

Deadly, droning Techno EP

12" out of stock

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Token 052 (Euro 12")
Phase: Tunnel Vision

Perfect big room DJ tool Techno banger

12" out of stock

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Token 058 (Euro 12")
Inigo Kennedy: Clarion Call

Spacious & soulful Techno trips

12" out of stock

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Token 061 (Euro 12")
Eschaton: Eschaton II

Invincible, hyper-dynamic, forward-looking Ancient Methods & Orphx prod. Industrial Techno manifesto

12" out of stock

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Trust 019 (Euro 12")
Microthol: Supergravity

Abstract bleeping, Detroit techno & IDM rooted electro centered EP

Warm Up 025 (Euro 12")
Various Artists: Nothing To Prove

Outstanding, hard, effective DJ tool Techno

Parachute 017 (Euro 12")
South London Ordnance: Parallel Window

Stunning set of noisy, droning, EBM infused, forward thinking Techno - download code included

Dubsquare 007 (Euro 12")
Rer Repeter: Poison Will Be Hidden EP

Twisted, UK post-Dubstep/UK leaning, crispy, dubbed out House

3x LP out of stock

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FBA 21 (Euro 3x LP)
Future Beat Alliance: Collected Works 1996-2017
12" out of stock

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Informa 011 (Euro 12")
Deepbass: Gateway To Hyperspace EP

Boomy, effective, dreamy Techno cuts

Fenn O’Berg: Live In Japan Part One

The Mego super group (Fenesz, Pita & Jim O’Pourke) plays out live in Japan

Jim Haynes: The Wires Cracked

Side long laid out, noisy, Drone excursions