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Caterina Barbieri: Ecstatic Computation

Wonderful Ambient explorations of ‘themes related to machine intelligence and object oriented perception in sound’ - Recommended! (download card included)

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Oren Ambarchi: Simian Angel

New Age Electronica indebted, Brazilian percussions driven, epic, mesmerising music (download card included)

Valuable reissue of block building, still inspring UK New Wave / Punk / outsider Pop heritage (w/ download code)

Pomelo 044 (Euro 12")
Phosphene: Metro

Reduced, spaced out Techno cuts

Pomelo 045 (Euro 12")

Trippy reverberating Techno workouts

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Luc Ferrari: Presque Rien
Rösten 008.1 (Euro 12")
Sstrom: Drenched 1-4

Singular mesmerizing Techno immersion

Sensate Focus: Sensate Focus 3.33333333333333333

Somewhere in between original Detroit Techno vibes & stepping Dub House cuts

Soum 004 (Euro LP)
Om Kalsoum: Laylat Hob

Reissue of breathtaking recordings with the Egyptian singer legend from 1972

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Donato Dozzy: Variations

Flawless sparse Techno hypnotics blended w/ beautiful female vocals

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Token 084 (Euro 12")
Sigha: Untitled

Dense, boomy, mesmerizing Techno EP

Warm Up 043 (Euro 12")
Kwartz: Rite

Potent, widely reverberating, perfectly crafted Techno journeys

Warm Up 055 (Euro 12")

Excellent, relentlessly pushing Techno mind-bending

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Sana 003 (Euro 12")

Minimalist, effective DJ tool Techno set

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Sofia 001 (Euro 12")
Kink: Home

Expertly prod. uplifting Tech House EP

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Tilt 002 (Euro 12")
Tecture: Anomalous Materials

Sparse, widely reverberating Techno / Ambient spaces

Cos_Mos 007 (Euro 12")
Crystal Maze / R-A-G: Dr. Claw / Larry Venom

Minimalist, subtly atmospheric Tech House / House