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Monocline 001 (Euro 12")
Re:Axis: Selected Tracks From "Ten" Album
Neil Landstrumm: Bad Life Choice Club EP

Mini album w/ Acid & 1980s Disco Wave heritage - tweaked & NL’s unqiue style

Pinkman 021 (Euro 12")
Roberto Auser: Color Of Your Soul

’the Hague stylee’ retro-esque blend of Acid psychedelica & New Beat & Disco Wave

Retrograde Youth: We're Not Humans Anymore

’the Hague stylee’ retro-esque blend of Acid psychedelica & New Beat & Disco Wave

Yan Cook: Drifted Island

Optimized varied big room DJ tool Techno EP

Re-303 001 (Euro EP)
Helltown Acid Militia: Second Home Of Acid EP
Shtum 014 (Euro 12")
Perm: Shtum 14

Minimalist, bleeping Techno cuts

Sublunar 001 (Euro 12")
Ladan: Section

Fresh, imaginative, stepping to banging Techno debut EP

Sebastian Mullaert: All The Keys Are Here

Warm, reverberating, blue Ambient / Ambient Techno EP

Basic Soul Unit: Behavoural Issue

Excellent Detroit oriented House / Techno EP

R&S 1703 (Euro 12")

Boomy big room Disco House w/ driving Kornel Kovacs version

Kafta 001 (Euro 12")
Sawf: Miss Roxanne

Heavily banging, EBM heritage incorporating Techno EP

Kafta 002 (Euro 12")
ANFS: Tzina’s House

Noisy edged, tough Techno adventures

Token 075 (Euro 12")
Antigone: Ostinato

Blissful dreamy Techno trips

Tripeo 008 (Euro 12")
Tripeo: Eigth Trip

Effective stomping Techno tools

Vanila 003 (Euro 12")
VOFA: Vanila 3

Sawf & ANFS prod. hard, rhythm centered Industrial Techno banger

Vanila 006 (Euro 12")
Morah: Vanila 6

Hard hitting, noisy, EBM rooted, slower stomping Techno heaviness