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Tough, well saturated, out there & direct Techno Punk - Highly Recommended (download card included)

Sub Rosa 412 (Euro Do LP)
Book Of Air: Fieldtone

Beautiful, sparse, contemplative, side-long, string instruments based sound textures

Clone CC 34 (Euro 12")
DJ Joe Lewis: Love Of My Own

Invaluable, heart-stopping reissue of Larry Heard touched Chicago House holy grail from 1986 Target & unbelievable bomb previously on 1994 Relief

12" out of stock

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Various Artists: Continuum 3: Fluctus
Echovolt 021 (Euro LP)
Templeyard Studios: Messages From A Better Destiny

Dark abrasive Techno/Electro hybrid cuts

Reissue of early 1980s Mali music blending wide array of traditions: Wasulu hunter music, Kenedugu’s balafon music, Bozo fishermen dances, Mandingo chants and Fula repertoir

Various Artists: Trilogía Del Aquelarre Parte 1

Boomy, atmospheric to hard banging Techno mini-compilation