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Strongly 1990s EBM rooted, hard kicking, dark Techno

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Rawax MCE 001 (D 12")
The Nighttripper: Phuture Remixes

Masterful Saunderson & Hood remixes of an Orlando Voorn prod. Techno classic

DJ Skull: Country Air EP

Subtly Disco flavored, flawlessly jacking House EP living up to triple A rated Chicago school

Ausgang 006 (D 12")
Roseen: Versions Pt. 1

Infectious, purest Techno distillations (incl. four locked grooves) - Recommended!

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Fjaak 005 (D 12")
Fjaak: Phonox

Effective, uplifting, Shed style Techno bangers

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Klockworks 019 (D 12")
Rod: Hor

Deadly effective, uplifting, highly energetic Techno & Electro DJ weapons

Klockworks 022 (D 12")
The Advent: High Horse

Highly effective, perfect big room / festival DJ tool Techno

F&E: Forschung & Entwicklung I

Striking atmospheric Techno / D&B hybrid EP

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T-Variant 002 (D 12")
X/319: Citadel Core Variations Pt. 1

Flawless, pure, heavy pounding big room Techno space trips

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Tau 001 (D 12")
X/319: Effekt

Perfect, pure, mesmerizing Techno space trips

Felix K: Die Verachtung

Always fresh, fearless & carefully executed Ambient / Techno / Drum & Bass textures - TIP!

Levl: Levl #2

Fantastic Ambient Drum & Bass research & development by dream team DB1, Felix K & Forest Drive West - TIP!

Dystopian 004 (D 12")
Various Artists: Dystopian Artists - Béton Brut EP

DJ tool Techno w/ fine, dubbed out Felix K contribution

Dystopian 018 (D 12")
Drumcell: Absence Of Appropriate Effect

Effective, gloomy, stepping big room Techno cuts

Dystopian 025 (D 12")
Alex.Do: World On a Wire

Effective boomy DJ tool Techno trips

Italo Johnson: Italo Johnson 2

DJ tool house tracks - 2018 repress

Italo Johnson: Remixes 1

Highly effective Floorplan remix machinery / tension building Jimmy Edgar remix