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Voice Of Eye: Substantia Innominata

Wonderful, cinematic, extended Drone adventure

Wistful, side long Drone works

Olhon: Lucifugus

Immersive, dynamic, extended Drone / Ambient cinema

Yen Pox: Universal Emptiness

Dense, side long Drone immersion

Thomas Dimuzio: Amid Zero Echo

Epic, cinematic, extended Drone works

45 Seven 10 (D 7")
Beam Up: Frankie

Killer vintage Dub derived & leftfield half-stepping Drum & Bass related cuts

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Macro 031 (D 12")
Raudive: Ruins

Classy, refreshing, dare-to-be-different Techno/House compatible killer cuts

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Shards 004 (D 12")
Shards: Shards 004

Playful, varied, heavy Techno / House spectacle

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Faitiche 009 (D EP)
Jan Jelinek: Prime Time
Artless LP 1 (D Do LP)
Reel By Real: Surkit Chamber - The Melding

Repress w/o 7"; original Detroit Techno vibes - Highly Recommended!

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Killekill 010.1 (D 12")
Various Artists: Killekill Megahits Part 1

Killekill’s jubilee sampler feat. the labels extensive family & its approach on Techno, Acid & Electro

Mojuba 006 (D 12")
Sven Weisemann: Cabana Fever

Crafty, classic 1990s US House leaning cuts

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Soundscapes 001 (D 12")
Cem Orlow: Lightfield EP

Subtle, minimalist Tech House w/ a classy Fred P House version

Wandering 006 (D 12")
Sirko Müller: Reexplored

Dubbed out chords & crispy grooves driven house

Z-Lab 001 (D 12")
Zeal: Serenity EP

Experimental edged Techno drone + stripped down half-stepping Drum & Bass style bonus cut

Basic Channel QD (D 12")
Quadrant: Infinition

Seminal Basic Channel side project in Detroit Techno tradition