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Pinkman 011 (D 12")
Drvg Cvltvre: Grauwvuur

Freaked out, EBM related, rough Acid Techno/House

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DJ Milton: Get The Cash EP
12" out of stock

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Paul Johnson: Traxx Series Volume 3 - Just Whistle

Mid 1990s hard jacking Chicago traxx works reissued

Chiwax Gtx 001 (D 12")
Gemini: Gemini Traxx Part One

Reissue of crafty, eternal Chicago House

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Ron Trent: Human League

Consciousness Deep House from a master

Rawax S 03 (D 12")
Terrace: Ilmenite Mine

Reissue of Stefan Robbers prod., mid-1990's, timeless Techno classic b/w throbbing Electro cuts

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Ilian Tape LP 001 (D Do LP)
Zenker Brothers: Immersion

Crafty excursions into Breakbeat-heavy, leftfield & 1990s school banging Techno (comes w/ download)

Nsyde Music 007 (D 12")
Tyon: Flaw 18

Exceptional, epic House jams

Perlon 087 (D 12")
Melchior Productions Ltd.: Bums 4 Higher EP

Crispy & stripped down DJ tool House

12" out of stock

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Tilman Tausendfreund: Twenty Nine Years

Minimalist, subtle DJ tool House

12" out of stock

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Various Artists: 5 Years Frank Music Pt. 2

Superb, warm to banging House mini-compilation w/ remarkable Fred P. contribution

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Nemorous 002 (D 12")
Anja Zaube: Ravenous

Gloomy atmospheric Techno steppers b/w dreamy Blind Observatory stomper