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Wax No. 40004 (D 12")
Wax: No. 40004

Deadly, powerful, sub heavy Techno

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Office 006 (D 12")
Baaz: Red Souvenirs Remixes
Restoration 019 (D 12")
Bratha: I Can’t Stay (feat. Jerome Sydenham)
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Uzuri 021 (D 12")
Stump Valley: Recorded @ Summer Forrest Camp

Chilled, warm House/Ambient House set w/ subtle reminiscences Detroit Beatdown

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Uzuri 022 (D 12")
Old Shady Grady & The Neighborhood Character: The Wildnerness Sessions Part 2 - Tales From Caturday

Afrikan Sciences + Ari prod. classy UKG/Broken-beat leaning, warm leftfield House

Ostgut Ton LP 021 (D Do LP)
Kobosil: We Grow, You Decline

Sparse, Industrial trained, contemplative & floor dedicated Techno excursions (comes w/ download code)

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Amotik 004 (D 12")
Amotik: Gyaa

Excellent, captivating, banging Techno drivers

The Mole People: Break Night

High quality reissue of Armand Van Helden prod. epic house tune

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Ilian Tape 022 (D 12")
Stenny: Eternal Restriction
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Ilian Tape 023 (D 12")
Rupcy: Utow

Striking Techno banger

Die Orakel 004 (D 12")
Pablo Mateo: Dekalog

Fine tripping House excursions

Exploration 009 (D 12")
Johannes Volk: Planetary Mosaic

Crafty, classy, classic Detroit Techno leaning EP

Knuggles 009 (D 12")
Moire Patterns: Get It Thru

Uplifting, strong DJ tool House cut b/w leftfield Ambient House

Pinkman 011 (D 12")
Drvg Cvltvre: Grauwvuur

Freaked out, EBM related, rough Acid Techno/House

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DJ Milton: Get The Cash EP