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Artless 2178 (D 12")
Stephen Brown: Sweet Nothing EP

Wonderful Detroit schooled Techno / Ambient bliss

Basic Channel 01 (D 12")
Cyrus: Enforcement

Outstanding, idiosyncratic Acid cut w/ outstanding Mills rework + ’Acid-a-capella’

Basic Channel 05 (D 12")
Cyrus: Inversion

Extended, singular Ambient Techno trips

Basic Channel CD (D 12")

Vintage BC: ’Q-Loop’ in full length + two cuts previously released on BCD only

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Fjaak 005 (D 12")
Fjaak: Phonox

Effective, uplifting, Shed style Techno bangers

Karl 071 (D LP)
G.A.M.S.: G.A.M.S.

Andi Stecher & Guido Möbius in a free styling, slightly Indie Rock affine, explorative rhythm & noise session (download card included)

Version 013 (D 12")
Yak: Umbra

Smart percussive House / Grime rhythm cuts

777 666 (D 12")
DJ Disrespect: Classic Cuts Vol. 1
Ausgang 006 (D 12")
Roseen: Versions Pt. 1

Infectious, purest Techno distillations (incl. four locked grooves) - Recommended!

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Klockworks 027 (D 12")
Fadi Mohem: Release

Fabulously produced, highly effective, timeless Techno EP

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Aufnahme + Wiedergabe FS 001 (D Download only)

Fine Goth Wave bangers

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LF RMX 018 (D 12")
Wishmountain: LF RMX 018

Main-floor optimized Techno remixes of a Herbert classic

Arcing Seas 008 (D 12")
Cassegrain: First Words

Ace, relentless, mesmerizing Techno bangers

Bad Manners 002 (D 12")
Exterminador: Bad Manners 2

Crafty EBM / New Beat revivalism in Electro mode w/ elevating Techno stormer thrown in

Redshape: Blood Into Dust

Deep Techno killer tracks