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Wandering 002 (D 12")
Tyche: Scald

Fine house rhythm tune b/w chords driven heavy tripping house cut

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Wandering 007 (D 12")
Goldwill: When We (feat. The Lazarusman)
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JakoJako: Aequilibration

Full range EP with UK Bass, minimalist Ambient Tech House & Electronica pieces

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Version 009 (D 12")
Yak: Mido

Anthem alert - heavy, uplifting, pure rhythm cuts (an ultimate DJ weapon too)

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Borderlands FLS 001 (D Download only)
Twcor: FLS001

Boomy Techno rave DJ tools

DJ Dove: God O’Mighty EP

Classy 1994 House gem carefully re-issued

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Uzuri 028 (D 12")
Mark Hand: Cobwebs EP

Uplifting, atmospheric late night Deep House groovers

Hands V 078 (D 12")
New Frames: Schweres Wasser

Strongly 1990s EBM trained, hard hitting Techno head cleaner

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777 016 (D 12")
Kyoka: iSH

Crispy, cut-up techniques rooted, Avant-Techno aimed rhythm textures