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Faitiche Back 09 (D Do EP)
Gramm: Personal Rock

Valuable reissue of Jan Jelinek prod. click’s’cuts-era Ambient / minimal ‘House’ gem (w/ download card)

Gedöns 1 (D EP)
Shasta Cults: October EP

Outstanding, quest-for-the-perfect Drone related, explorative Electronics - all in individual sleeves - TIP!

Morr Music 165 (D LP)
Ellicist: Point Defects

Chilled, subtly melodic IDM / Indietronica / Ambient album (w/ download code)

Ostgut Ton 100 (D Do 12")
Dettmann / Klock: Phantom Studies

Dream team Techno set in deadly DJ tool weapon mode alongside pulsating, chilled drifters

12" out of stock

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Ostgut Ton 110 (D 12")

Classy, hard, deadly Techno banger

12" out of stock

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Ostgut Ton 120 (D 12")
Ryan Elliott: Paul’s Horizon

Focused, atmospheric, driving Techno / Tech House EP

Ostgut Ton LP 029 (D Do LP)
Martyn: Voids

Awesome Martyn-in-top-form works in idiosyncratic & unique Techno / UKG integration mode (w/ download code) - Highly Recommended!

Shitkatapult 151 (D Do LP)
Cristian Vogel: Polyphonic Beings

Classy, unique sounding, IDM & UK Bass leaning album by one of Techno music’s greats (comes w/ download)

Sky Walking 003 (D LP)
Sollmann & Gürtler: Gegen die Zeit

John Gürtler & Phillip Sollmann prod. explorer-mode Electronics in quest for the perfect Drone

Subjected: Mother

Boomy, mesmerizing, flawless big room Techno sampler

TAL 010 (D EP)

Proper reissue of early 1980s Düsseldorf New Wave / Punk / Post-Punk gem