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Ilian Tape X 07 (D 12")

‘perfect combination’ - Djrum strikes on Ilian Tape b/w Struction: killer Hyper-Techno!

Klockworks 027 (D 12")
Fadi Mohem: Release

Fabulously produced, highly effective, timeless Techno EP

Mojuba Jouem 6 (D 12")
Jouem: Episodes 6/8 - Resonance On The Edge

Subtly pulsating, dubbed out, blue Ambient House / Techno beauties

Struktur 001 (D 12")

Cosmic vortex opened by spearhead of Techno Minimalism formerly ∑ - Killer!

Tresor 317 (D 12")

Full-on Goth-Industrial-Rave bangers (download card included)

Tresor 318 (D Book)
Abdul Qadim Haqq & Dai Sato: The Book of Drexciya Vol. 1

Luxurious graphic novel delving into Drexciyan deep sea mythology

L.B.K.: Depersonalisation

Remarkably focused pure Techno debut EP - Tip!

Zhark 033 (D 12")
Catharsis: Into The Heart Of Nothing

Breathtaking stepping Industrial Techno darkness

Bad Manners 004 (D Do LP)
Vril: Bad Manners 4

Elevating dubbed out Techno album, comes in gatefold cover

Phillip Sollmann: Monophonie

Captivating orchestral exploration into just intonation - comes in gatefold cover

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Artless 2188 (D 12")
Fanon Flowers: Trackmodes

Reissue of classy 1998 minimalist, effective Techno bomb

Chiwax Gtx 002 (D 12")
Gemini: Swimmin’ Wit’ Sharks EP

Warm, special refined house journey

Rawax JS 01 (D 12")

Reissue of superb, reduced 90s Techno

Tresor 316 (D Do LP)

Killer, relentlessly floor focused Techno album (incl. locked grooves & download card)