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Do LP soon
Lucky Me 082 (Do LP)

Wonderful Jazz drumming science - no audio yet (w/ download code)

  • All The Mornings In The World
  • God Over Money
  • The Accident
  • Daily Life
  • Rot Summer Smoothes
  • Dawn
  • Static Doesn’t Exist
  • Late Archaic
  • Civil Sunset
  • Evenfall
  • We Sang A Dirge, And You Did Not Mourn
LP soon

First time vinyl issue of beautiful, desolate ice landscapes evoking Ambient / Drone album

LP soon
ReR 010 (LP)
The Necks: Mindset

Ten year anniversary reissue of two outstanding, extendedn polyrhythmic Jazz / Ambient pieces

10" soon
Sferic 010 (10")
Space Afrika: Untitled (To Describe You)
Sähkö 034 (12")
Basic House: Crown Ever Remain
EP out of stock

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NSI: Eitherway

Far out electronic sound scapes

Download only

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Raster 107 (Download only)
SND: Atavism

Excellent,comprehensive, rhythmic avant-computer music explorations

12" out of stock

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Hotflush 021 (12")

A surprising mixture of ambient & indietronica w/ some bittersweet Burial alike post-UK-garagesque vibes

Do LP out of stock

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Planet Mu 203 (Do LP)
Ital Tek: Cyclical
CD out of stock

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Pita: Get Out

Dense power book aided Avant-Noise sessions

12" out of stock

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Popol Vuh: Mika Vainio / Haswell & Hecker Remixes

Stunning Ambient / Drone Electronics derived from classic 1970s movie score works