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Karl 020 (D LP)
Column One: Entropium

Zeitkratzer ensemble plays compositions by the Berlin based Electroacoustic/Industrial collective

Karl 022 (D LP)

’teaming up for a confrontational sonic attack’

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Planet Mu 397 (UK Do LP)
Ital Tek: Bodied

Melodic, pure Ambient drifters & pulsating, classic IDM w/ ‘weightless’ Grime affinities

Crackle Wizard: Gilga IV

Beautifully reduced minimalist Techno & UK Bass related leftfield excursions (one copy per person)

Acido 021 (D LP)

Pure, side long Outer-Space-Electronica (partitions for pre-listening purpose only)

BJ Nilsen: Focus Intensity Power

Perfectionist, puristic, phenomenal Designer Ambient / Electronic Drone music (w/ download card)

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Kranky 154 (US Do LP)
Tim Hecker: Ravedeath, 1972
Pariah: Here From Where We Are

Dense, beautifully harmonic, 1970 vintage Electronics tinged, pure Ambient bliss