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Knives LP 001 (UK LP)
J.G. Biberkopf: Ecologies

Superiorly brilliant, immersive Ambient / Grime sound works

Akō 02 (Euro EP)
Yko: Taō Remixes

Impressive, dense, epic, masterful Electronic excursions

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Lucy: Eat, Drink, Shop, Relax

Sparse, subtle, cinematic Ambient/Drone/Electronica EP

Kranky 152 (US LP)
Pan American: For Waiting, For Chasing

Masterful, epic, eternal excursions into Electronic/‘Post-Rock’ territorry

Laurel Halo: In Situ

Freely floating, improvisational Jazz modes leaning Electronics

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Faitiche 009 (D EP)
Jan Jelinek: Prime Time
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Fennesz: Seven Stars

Ingenious unique sounding guitar-DSP-treatment centred pieces

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Office 007 (D EP)
Trux: Trux

Blissfully pulsating Ambient creatures

Acido 021 (D LP)

Pure, side long Outer-Space-Electronica (partitions for pre-listening purpose only)

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DDS 017 (UK Do LP)
Orior: Strange Beauty

Perfectly curated collection of previously unreleased, late 1970s / early 1980s experimental New Wave / Drone / Ambient works

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Downwards 70 (UK EP)
Simon Shreeve: The Healing Bowl

Breathtaking, Mønic from Kryptic Minds prod., Industrial heritage leaning, killer Techno / Ambient incarnations

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[ ml / i ] 000 (D CD)
Monolake: Hongkong

2008 reissue of classic mid 1990s Berlin techno album, one mint copy in Japanese CD jacket

[ ml / i ] 006 (D CD)
Monolake: Gravity

Few mint original copies from label faults, sealed in Japanese CD jackets