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Do EP out of stock

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Morphosis: Dismantle

Fine, extended, far out Techno & Electronic jams from the noisier end of things

Chris Petit: Museum Of Loneliness

Beautifully sleeved collage of spoken word & electronics

LP out of stock

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Lapsus 017 (Euro LP)
Gacha Bakradze: Word Color

Blend of cinematic IDM sound sculptures & break-beat saturated Ambient pulses

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Sferic 002 (UK LP)
Space Afrika: Somewhere Decent To Live

‘weightless’ Grime affine, pure Ambient bliss

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Kranky 069 (US Do LP)
Loscil: First Narrows

Pure class, deeply pulsating Ambient / Ambient Techno album

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Kranky 096 (US Do LP)
Loscil: Plume

Blue, subs driven, minimalist Ambient Electronica

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Kranky 154 (US Do LP)
Tim Hecker: Ravedeath, 1972
12" out of stock

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Bau 03 (D 12")
Demian: Return To Third Planet

Swinging, ‘weightlessly’ drifting, UK ‘intelligent’ & Detroit schools reminiscent Techno

EP out of stock

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Kyoka: iSH

Crispy, cut-up techniques rooted, Avant-Techno aimed rhythm textures

Raster-Noton 118 (D 12")
Gomila Park: Ununoctium

1980s Noise / Industrial / Wave rooted, heavy Electronics

Raster-Noton 142 (D 12")
Senking: Dazed

Chilled & sub heavy, Dubstep related Electronic excursions