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FCR 008 (UK 12")
Matths: Velocet

Uplifting, dense, cosmic Techno trip

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Trule 003 (UK 12")
Al Wootton: Natural Forward

Crisp, sparse UK Garage / Dub House missiles - TIP!

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Trule 004 (UK 12")
Al Wootton: Body Healthy

Lethal UK Garage / Dub House EP

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Repro: Post-Nostalgia

Exciting, relentlessly driving Copenhagen Techno spectacle

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Excellent Breakbeat science by two originators

Do LP out of stock

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Paula Temple: Edge of Everything

Ever convincing PT delivers hard Techno freshness & accompanying Ambient bliss (in gatefold sleeve w/ download code)

Sähkö 30 (Euro EP)
...: No Title

Sparse, focused, noisy & ghost choruses centered pure Electronics

Ø: ARC 1

Mika Vainio prod. purist Electronic originally brodacasted during Ambient City 1994 Helsinki, Finland

12" out of stock

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Workshop 26 (D 12")

Exceptional, focused consciousness House trips

Workshop XXI (D Do LP)
Kolorit: Workshop XXI

Kassem Mosse & Lowtec produces electrified, intergalactic Jazz infected, raw & direct House trips

R&S 1905 (Euro 12")
6SISS: Prisma

Rhythm focused, fresh & dark Techno workouts

Various Artists: Warriors Dance - After Midnight EP

At the roots of the Hardcore continuum - awesomely idiosyncratic mix of UK House, Bleep, Hardcore, UK Hip Hop... - Highly Recommended!

Tresor 312 (D Do LP)
Rod Modell: Captagon

Convincing, best Chain Reaction tradition reanimating, fast-paced Dub Techno voyage (download code included)

12" out of stock

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Sentry 011 (UK 12")
SP:MC: Vintage / Slugfest

Killer, dusky, bottom-heavy UK Garage / Grime force

Ostgut Ton 115 (D 12")
Substance: Rise And Shine

Wonderful spacious impressions by one of Techno’s most experienced & open-hearted voyagers

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Various Artists: The Planets: Earth

Remarkable imaginative Drum & Bass deepness

12" out of stock

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Various Artists: The Planets: Mars