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Various Artists: Sound Sampler Vol. 1

One of the most magical & original House projects of recent times w/ deep roots in classic Chicago House offers its multiple facets on one EP - Essential Must Have!

Jeff Rushin: Wondering

Effective, dense, metallic big room DJ tool Techno stompers

Genrty Ice / Adonis: Do You Wanna Jack

Proper reissue of jacking, original Chicago Acid House at its very best

Detroit’s Filthiest: Future Is History

Funky & playful DJ Nasty prod. Detroit Ghetto Tech EP

Initiation 001 (12")
Nkisi: Truth Is Elsewhere

Remarkable, experimental, raw distorted Techno Punk Electronics

DJ Steaw: Rhubarbe

Repress of stomping French Deep House EP from 2012

Rawax RWX 012 (12")

Expertly subtle funked up, minimalist House grooves

Soma 555 (12")
Setaoc Mass: Fortnight

Highly effective big room Techno pounders

Trinidadian Deep: Depths Of Sound

Perfect blissful House glory

Jay Ka: How Do You Stay Young

Flawless, deep, soulful House EP

Warm Up 048 (12")
Jeroen Search: Presentism

Flawless, effective, pure big room Techno drivers

The Delinquents: Room On Top

Reissue of driving, techy late 90s UK House gem

Joey Beltram: Energy Flash

One sided 12" w/ eternal 1990 Techno classic, taken from legendary ‘Volume 1 EP’; clear vinyl edition

Jaydee: Plastic Dreams

One sided 12" clear vinyl reissue of eternal 1990s Euro-House / Proto-Trance anthem

West End 22129 (12")
Loose Joints: Is It All Over My Face?

Eternal Arthur Russell Disco classic reissued, coloured edition

Radioactive Man & Ben Pest: Old Tight Selektah EP

Ace diverse set between Intergalactic House & driving Electro

Sierra Sam: Retrospective Vol. 1

Classic, original Techno EP w/ rare appearance of Detroit legend Suburban Knight

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Amotik LP 001 (Do LP)
Amotik: Vistar

Fabulously focused & autonomous big room Techno vision

Artless 2184 (12")
Trap 10: Interregnum

Uplifting, driving, Detroit oriented Techno trips

Hypnus 013 (12")
Luigi Tozzi: Binary Sunset

Reverberating aquatic Ambient Techno floaters

Hypnus 022 (12")
Luigi Tozzi: Wastelands

Perfect, boomy, dreamy Techno space adventure

Klockworks 028 (12")
Jay Clarke: Visualize

Ace, floor-focused, banging Techno effectiveness

Mord 063 (12")
VSK: Grida E Caos

Devastating, crisp & futuristic, dark Techno bombs

Nduja 002 (12")
Mammo: Type Null

Beautiful early Detroit / UK Techno oriented Ambient Techno trips

Highly effective & focused Techno cuts

Warp LP 017 (Do LP)
Autechre: Incunabula

Repress of Autechre's wonderful IDM / Electronica 1993 debut album in gatefold cover - must have. (w/ download code)

Warp LP 025 (Do LP)
Autechre: Amber

Repress of legendary 2nd album by one of IDM's defining projects, comes in gatefold cover - must have. (w/ download code)

Warp LP 038 (Do LP)
Autechre: Tri Repetae

Repress of Autechre's 3rd album in gatefold cover - must have. (w/ download code)

S.B. Project: Messages

Pure, Chicago beat tracks influenced DJ tools from the Cosmic Records archives

Ashppe 001 (12")
Ashppe: Ashppe #1

Superb, dubbed out, 1990s US House trained EP

Chiwax 013 (12")
DJ Skull: Revenge Of The Synth

Classy, effective Chicago Techno jacker