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Isonoe (Merch Isolation Feet)
Isolation Feet: M6 Version, Silver

Set of 4, compatible with any turntable / player fitted with standard-pitch M6 threads, prevents feedback in high-SPL environments

Isonoe (Merch Isolation Feet)
Sorbothane Boots: Standard Version

Set of 4, can be combined with the Isolation Feet, recommended for nightclubs as alternative to Instrument Glass Disc Version, where the turntable being supported may be subject to hard physical manipulation and needs to be firmly anchored in place

Isonoe 028 (Merch Isolation Feet)
Isolation Feet: Repair Kit

Replacement parts for Isolation Feet, for silver or black version

Avian 010 (UK 12")
A Vision Of Love: Lessons In Hate (Part One)

Hard hitting, minimalist Techno cuts

Avian 014 (UK EP)
Sigha: The Purification Loops
Avian 016 (UK 12")
Skarn: Revolver

Subtle, minimalist, sub-heavy sound textures

Blueprint 037 (UK 12")
Lakker: Torann EP

Experimental IDM edged, hard & spaced out Techno EP

Blueprint R 02 (UK 12")
Oliver Ho: Awakening The Sentient

Proper in-ya-face Techno banger in a ’party-like-it’s-1999-stylee’

Blueprint R 03 (UK 12")
James Ruskin: Conspiracy EP

20th anniversary mini showcase feat. classic Techno throughout Ruskin’s vast catalogue