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DPX X 001 (Euro 12")
Duplex: Dark Synthesis

Fine dark and throbbing Techno cuts

Inter Gritty: Lost In Boxes EP

Fine acidic pumpin' DJ tool Techno tracks

Delsin C 6 (Euro 12")
Gunnar Haslam: Athabaskan Languages

Punchy and tripping Techno tracks

BMG & Sal P: Credit Card

Brilliant post punk disco by Ectomorph and Liquid Liquid's Sal P

Bouncing Acid House tracks b/w killer detroitish SW. treatment

Lackrec 011 (Euro 12")
Gian: 53 19 72

Full throttle raving Techno/Electro cuts

KU.X351: Mono Iced EP

Fine tripping and punchy Techno tracks

Mr. K: Trans-Europe Express
Jamal Moss: The Digital Afterlife

Jamal Moss at his very best - truly exceptional psychedelic Techno jams

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Parabel 005 (D 12")
Swedish Naan Boys: The Great Wisdom Of D
Rush Hour 044 (Euro 12")
Braiden: Belfry Tower

Exceptional kicking House gems