Hard Wax XX

Hard Wax celebrates twenty years existence on Saturday, 5.12.2009, starting 20:00 at WMF on three floors.
The lineup represents different facets of the Hard Wax spectrum and consists mostly of staff as well as closely associated labels.

Hard Wax, opened by Mark Ernestus in the back end of Kreuzberg SO 36 shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall, was for years the only shop in Berlin to specialize in House and Techno. Particularly with direct imports from Chicago, Detroit, New York and London, Hard Wax laid foundations for the development of electronic club music in Berlin and Germany. Not to rest on its merits, the shop always continued to pursue the cutting edge, seeking out new interesting niches within and outside of electronic club music.
With clear specialization and focus, Hard Wax gained importance also internationally - via mail order, wholesale and later also exclusive distribution of musically and otherwise likeminded producer labels like MMM, Soundstream, Smith n Hack, Sleeparchive, Scion Versions, MDR, Wax and many others - likeminded for example in terms of a consistent refusal to subordinate to commercial norms.

As a next step planned for the end of 2009, downloads will be made available on hardwax.com alongside the vinyl and consistent with Hard Wax's own approach.

The party starts - untypical for Berlin, but seriously - at 20:00 upstairs on the Killasan Floor, with Sascha and Torsten (T++) playing electronic styles.
This floor features the mighty Jamaican style Killasan Sound System that was entrusted to Hard Wax by its Japanese owner K-Boss some years ago. Many already know and treasure it from the monthly Wax Treatment nights, likewise the East Caribbean food from Cris's Roadside Cuisine, which itself will make a good reason to come early.

Mark Ainley (Honest Jons, PK, Basic Replay) from London and
Mark Ernestus (Rhythm & Sound, Basic Channel, Maurizio) then play Dub and Reggae, from Foundation Roots to Hardcore Digital with support from
Tikiman aka Paul St. Hilaire (Burial Mix, False Tuned) and friends on the microphone.

René Löwe (Vainqueur, Chain Reaction, Scion Versions) takes over around midnight with a classic house set, followed by
Anthony 'Shake' Shakir (Metroplex, KMS, Frictional), exceptional producer from the first Detroit Techno generation and a special as well as rare guest.

Errorsmith (MMM, Smith n Hack) then plays with and fluently merges diverse genres and tempos into each other.
Gernot Modeselektor will finish this Floor off - anything fun is allowed.

The Live Floor opens at 22:00 with former Hard Wax staffer
Electric Indigo (indigo:inc, Female Pressure) who will play a warm up DJ set with the techno classics of tomorrow.
Live sets are planned as follows:

00:30 Substance (Chain Reaction, Scion Versions) for the first time in Germany - with a set based on his best tracks on Chain Reaction and various remixes

01:30 MMM, the joint project of Fiedel (Berghain) and Errorsmith, live for the first time after a long while, with their classics such as “Donna” as well as new and unreleased tracks

02:30 Soundhack (a.k.a. Soundstream and 50% of Smith n Hack) with his Soundhack live set for the very first time

03:30 DJ Pete & Sleeparchive with a semi-improvised session - Pete with the 909 and Sleeparchive with fragments of old and new unreleased tracks

04:30 Deuce, the joint project of Marcel Dettmann (MDR, Ostgut Ton) and Shed (Ostgut Ton) for the first time live, with straight techno of the harder manner

Finally Deuce as DJ team - open end.

The Special Interest Floor will open at 02:00 with Shed (Soloaction, Delsin) playing from UK Hardcore to Gabba, nothing below 140 bpm.

After that Prosumer (Ostgut Ton, Panaroma Bar) turns back the clock with a set rooted in the early days of House

… and Soundstream - with Karaoke style support from Prosumer on the microphone - will present House and Disco classics, concluding the time travel back to the roots.