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PAN 81 (Euro Do LP)
Errorsmith: Superlative Fatigue

Designer take on energetic Kuduro & Dance Hall derivatives (w/ download card) - Highly recommended!

12" out of stock

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Ostgut Ton 102 (D 12")
Fiedel: Substance B

Classy, hard jacking, pure Techno work outs by one of Berlin’s longest standing DJs

Fiedelone 2 (D 12")
Fiedel: Trinidad

Raw House/Techno rooted, Kwaito & UK Bass informed, universal DJ tool killer tracks

Fiedelone 5 (D 12")
Fiedel: Deare

AAA rated slamming Techno jacker

Fiedelone 3 (D 12")
Fiedel: Miese Machine

Classy, bassline centered, universal 1990s Chicago school rooted DJ tools

Fiedelone 4 (D 12")
Fiedel: Step Aside

Straightforward, perfectly crafted, universal DJ tool Techno

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Fiedeltwo 2 (D 12")
Fiedel & Tallmen 785: Down (Fiedel Remix)

Irresistible, dry, perfectly crafted DJ tool Techno/House cuts

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MMM 2 (D 12")
MMM: Donna

A Hard Wax standard - legendary Disco/Techno hybrids by Erik Errorsmith & Fiedel

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MMM 4 (D 12")
MMM: Nous Sommes MMM

Fiedel & Erik Errorsmith prod. perfect rave disco

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Fiedelone 1 (D 12")
Fiedel: Ferro

The definition of the cool: crafty, party guaranteed, universal killer cuts

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MMM 1 (D 12")
MMM: Elektro Cut

A 1990s Berlin Techno classic - Erik Errorsmith & Fiedel prod. wild distorted Electro tracks