Cover art - Eyvind Kang: Visible BreathCover art - Eyvind Kang: Visible Breath
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Eyvind Kang: Visible Breath
Modern Classical ensemble music (one copy only)
"Eyvind Kang's tremendous efforts on Sunn O)))'s "Monoliths&Dimensions" album helped elevate the group's presence to a new level creatively and aesthetically. We were fortunate and perhaps even destined to have this crossing. During this period Kang also premiered the pair of pieces presented on side A of this album, Visible Breath and Monodology. I was fortunate to witness an ensemble concert of these compositions titled "Grass" in Seattle which featured many of the same amazing musicians we'd been working with on the O))) record, notably the most respected elders Julien Priester and Stuart Dempster. Their presence was such an honor and also an unpredictable inspiration due to their incredibly rich lives producing new and experimental music. The "Grass" recording done at the time lie dormant for many years. It's my pleasure to present these incredible compositions to the world theough this humble effort. Side B is a new piece recorded summer 2011 with pedal steel and cello, a beautiful excursion of harmonics, ghost tones, and integral interpretation titled "Thick Tarragon". Delicate, enjoyable and translucent as white fields of grass." -Stephen O'Malley, October 2011