Cover art - The Purpose Maker: CasaCover art - The Purpose Maker: CasaCover art - The Purpose Maker: Casa
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Axis 011 (US 12")
Outstanding DJ oriented tribal-ish tracks
’A bold concept in mind, but not yet in full motion. This release was a test to see if these type of tracks would effectively work for DJs. At a time when DJs were more technically gifted, these tracks were made in mind of a DJ who frequently used the equalizer (EQ) in order to carve out their desired impression of the tracks, so the shape and structure I created was very simple and monotonous in a way that numerous tracks could be layered to make one single impression. Purpose Maker, like so many other releases came after, was part experiment, part sound tools. It started out as a collection of tracks that were only designed for me solely as a DJ. After receiving many compliments from other artists, I decided to make a 12" vinyl and a label project.’ Jeff Mills in Sequence - A Retrospective of Axis Records, 2012, AXBK-200, p. 295