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Thieving Dreamer: Hot Love 2

Avantgarde electronic, experimental noises - 1989!

Mrs. Mimi Magick: Mimi’s Utilities

Electronic minimalist music compositions

Irdial 03 td 1 (UK Tape)
Thieving Dreamer: It's All Dreams

Early Irdial - original 1987 copies (partitions for pre-listen purpose only; 35 min per side)

Aqua Regia: Omnus Carwash

’pre-Dance-revolution’ electronic excursions by the patron-saint of the leftfield

Aqua Regia: Uh, Ring Me; Bye

Blueprint leftfield House in unique, ingenious Irdial style (original copies w/ insert)

Irdial 56 aev 3 (UK Do LP)
Anthony Manning: Chromium Nebulae

AM appearance as astonishing as rare: wonderful, distinctive Electronic music (original sealed copies)

The X-Directory: Kink Cards 1984/1994

Fine collection of 600 'kink' cards collected from London telephone booths